November News Letter

November 2022

-Published on 13th December 2022
-Image Credit: Hraka (Media Team)

Employee of the Month

Congratulations S Mondal, you have done exceptionally well to be the Employee of the Month for November 2022. You have driven a total of 87,879 KMs and earned 63,001 Nexon XP.

We congratulate you for a well earned Employee of the Month contributing your valuable time for us.


Picture of the Month

Raju has been an exceptionally valuable part as any other member for Nexon Logistics. He shot the best snap representing the Nexon Logistics livery with the selected theme of snapping the photo on a mountainous area.

We very much appreciate your contributions for the month of November 2022.


Development Updates

Drivers Hub

- All events which Nexon Logistics will be attending can now be seen on the Events section on the DriversHub.
- VTC Rules can now be seen directly from the DriversHub under the Knowledge Base category.
- Added a new category "Patreon" which displays our Patreons.
- Added a new category "News" which displays all our monthly newsletters.
- Added a new category "Staff Apply" which allows user(s) to apply for staff through DriversHub.
- Added "-nxp" command in Discord server to check Nexon stats on Discord.

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Drivers Convoy Attendance

In a total of 29 Events or the month of November 2022 which Nexon Logistics attended, Faizur Rahman attended the most convoys ( 25 ) followed by S Mondal who attended ( 24 ).


VTC Convoy Attendance

Nexon Logistics attended a total of 29 Events in the month of November 2022 with the most attendances on 5-11-22 in WE ARE TRUCKERS - NOVEMBER 2022.




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