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Nexon came to existence on 1st of June. The core idea is not just limited to being a company but to enhance the experience of each and every member associated with the VTC. We firmly believe on quality over quantity. At Nexon we care for our drivers and associated members and will always try to enhance the experience. Being an International VTC we will always lookout for the best drivers. Rest assured, your experience will be nothing short of being the best.

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We Provide A Great Trucking Simulation Experience For You

With Nexon Logistics you will not only gain experience for the game but for life as well by our Reputed staff. We try to provide a quality gaming experience for our members. We have the best and easy to adopt rules.

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Great Experience In The Gaming Industry

With most of our fabulous members having an average 12 months of experience in TruckersMP, together we can learn and experience more & more. Our drivers drive an average of 1,100 kilometers every day which makes it even more fun for you to be playing with members any day, any time.


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Nexon Logistics is an amazing VTC with wonderful drivers. I have driven with them countless times, either in convoys or CD and let me tell you that it is one of the VTC's that I liked the most to know. I've had a lot of fun with them and I'm glad they're growing in their beautiful VTC ♡.

- Faridh

Management | Destiny VTC

As a VTC with whom we have very great contacts, despite the fact that we are not partners, so that proves that we don't need to be partners to have an incredible great relationship.
The proof : Nexon Logistics ♡

- Antho

Founder | OCSC Event

Nexon Logistics is not just a company, we have lived very closely with them and I would describe them more as a family.

- Israel

Management | Destiny VTC

Friendly vtc with well behaved staff. Loves all your events. We would like to continue this relationship by working together. See you on your future events.

A very good vtc that has respect to drivers all over the world and everyone is welcomed in thier voice chat over discord, they have a very friendly staff as well.

Nexon Logistics became one among the great VTC's in TMP in a very short span of time. I can say that the VTC hard work, good team co-ordination between each others is a great plus point for achieving success.


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