September News Letter


-Published on 3rd September 2022
-Image Credit: Faizur Rahman (Founder)

Employee of the Month

Congratulations Faizur Rahman, you have done well. You made it through a incredible fast and furious course in which you accomplished something that a lot of people consider doing, yet only a few follow through with. In recognition of the dedicated contribution and man hours put into, we are glad to announce that Faizur Rahman is the Employee of the Month for September 2022. Covered a whooping total of 76,289 Kms driven over the month and has gained a total of 54,447 NXP ( Nexon XP).


Picture of the Month

It goes to Raju, who has joined just a month ago has managed to cope up with the friendly environment of our community has never give up. Now with a lens holding in his arms clicked a wonderful image and has been awarded the Picture of the Month. Not just taking some beautiful pictures, he has been showing all round performance with an over all 9 Convoys attended and covered over 15,000 kms over the month. We very much appreciate your contribution and efforts for the community.


Development Updates

Drivers Hub

After many weeks of hard work and dedication, we have officially announced the launch on September, 02 2022. And our members have put in more efforts and aspired to be the dominant member of our community with the launch of our Drivers Hub. Pirate Luffy, standing at the crest of the mountain with an incredible 1,13,930 NXP covering over 1,30,000 kms and has also attended a total of 13 Convoy over the month. Faizur Rahman stands next with an overall 1,25,924 NXP exploring over 1,44,000 kms who has also attending 15 convoys over the month. Hraka, placing himself next in order has driven over 1,30,000 kms achieving a total of 94,001 NXP.


Drivers Convoy Attendance

In a total of 22 Events in which Nexon Logistics has attended over the month, Meli has been the person who attended 19 of them.


VTC Convoy Attendance

VTC attended a total of 22 Events where GREEN HOUSE LOGISTICS MONTHLY CONVOY on 22-09-2022 had the highest attendance in the month of September following PIRATE LOGISTICS SEPTEMBER CONVOY on 19-09-2022 which had total of 9 attendance.




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